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brief bio of website

brief bio of website

Source for natural beauty products, herbal remedies, organic skin care, Australian tea tree oil and much more...

Marco Industries, Inc. is a family owned and operated business located in Carrollton Texas.

Our company began in the summer of 1990 in Phoenix Arizona from our interest and intrigue in Australia Tea Tree Oil. Our Botany Bay Exclusives label of tea tree oil products offers unique, one of a kind products.

We work closely with a select group of manufacturers who rely on carefully chosen global resources in order to acquire the purest and most bio-active raw materials and ingredients.

We have been recognized for our high standards and trust in our products in such publications and books as: "Alternatives for the Health Conscious Individual" by Dr. David G. Williams (and some of his books); "The Health Alert" by Dr. Bruce West; "The Australian Tea Tree Oil Guide" and "The Tea Tree Oil First Aid Handbook" by Cynthia Olsen and others.

We also distribute a collection of quality products from other good, reputable companies: Sedna Specialty Products, New Millennium Foods, and Radient Life Products.

We value your trust and confidence!