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Essiac Testimonials

  • In November 1999, I was fighting prostate cancer, and had a PSA (prostate specific antigen) reading of 17.9. I began to use the Essiac Herbals formula, and in four months, my PSA reading had dropped to .09. By December 2000, I was feeling great. The intense arthritis pain that I have endured has lessened, there is color in my skin, and my bowel movements are normal. I havn't felt this good in 25 years!
  • Since I've been taking Essiac Herbals regularly, I havn't been sick for two years, and I thrive on 3-4 hours of sleep per night.
    --Ed Morgan

Tea Tree Testimonials

  • I find your tea tree oil product to be of the highest quality. I purchased it on vacation and just like my American Express, I will not leave home without it! An awesome product with a million and one uses!
  • I'm not a big user of supplements, but would not give up my Kali Tea Tree Oil. Either would my sixteen-year-old son, who thinks "organic" is a dirty word. Using a mixture of aloe vera gel, tea tree and jojoba oil will clear up his complexion almost overnight. We add ten drops of Kali's Tea Tree Oil and eight of jojoba oil to four ounces of aloe vera gel. We buy the edible aloe vera that comes in pint and quart containers at the health food store. By mixing only four ounces at a time we haven't had a problem with spoilage yet (and we live in Arizona.) While he uses the mixture for his face, I use it as an after bath lotion, on my face and even on my hair. It's especially nice to use as a styling gel. The mixture leaves my hair soft and I never have a flaky scalp! Why Kali brand? I trusted my hair stylist (and good friend's) judgment as to purity and quality (pharmaceutical). She was right.
    --Karen Spencer
    Prescott, Arizona
  • I have found out a great use for tea tree oil for our clients. Sometimes on body piercing, a client may get a keloid. I was recommended to try tea tree oil and found that it works great to heal the keloid. We recommend most of our clients to try this oil.
    --Sara Blood
  • When I first started using tea tree oil, it was as an antiseptic. I gradually started to experiment a bit with it to widen my uses as needed. It wasn't until I found your book in the natural foods store that I really became an advocate. Even my sister with a son who had sores in his mouth had tea tree oil at home but didn't think to use it in the mouth. I said it works great, just don't swallow it. Today when I see this sister, I am bringing the book to show her and others all the ways I have used it. Education is the key to so many issues. Thanks for your great book and keep up the good work.
  • A friend of mine stopped over one Friday on her way home from a dental appointment. She had just had x-rays taken and found out that she had a raging infection in her jawbone from earlier dental surgery gone bad. The dentist scheduled her for an appointment the following Monday. He was going to have to do more surgery to implant antibiotics the following Monday. He was going to have to do more surgery to implant antibiotics in the bone to hopefully stop the infection. She was in terrible pain and asked me if I could do something to help her. The first thing I did was have her rub some clove oil on her gum. This quickly reduced the pain to a tolerable level. Having given her a bottle of tea tree oil earlier on, I instructed her to apply the tea tree oil to the gum in the area of the infection at least twice a day over the weekend. I figured it would stop the infection from getting worse than it already was. Monday morning she went for her dental appointment as scheduled. The dentist took another x-ray to see the extent of damage, and lo and behold, the infection was gone without a trace! My friend was laughing as she told me about the expression on the dentist's face as he searched the x-ray trying to figure out what had happened! He was completely dumbfounde.  I've never seen anything like this before. I guess you don't need my services anymore, he said as he sent her on her way. My friend thanked me for saving her a lot of pain and even more money!
    --Dan Bucciana
  • I'm writing to thank you for providing such wonderful products. I have used tea tree oil for years, and I was delighted by some of the treatment methods outlined in the Australian Tea Tree Oil Handbook. I've successfully healed several skin problems by following them. Also, my husband swears that your tea tree oil is of much higher quality than other brands that we've used before. Keep up the good work!
  • I regularly add tea tree oil to my bath water to help ease any aches and pains I'm experiencing. It also helps in moisturizing my skin, as I like to soak in a hot tub. Now that cooler weather is here, I either use the tea tree infused massage oil that I have on my skin prior to bathing OR use the body lotion I've added tea tree oil to after the bath. I have dry, itchy skin in winter and I know using tea tree oil is going to greatly relieve the itch and improve my skin. I've added tea tree oil to my hand lotions. I like the feel of the lotion on my hands and the feel of my hands after using the lotion. I've noticed, too, the lotion seems to be absorbed more quickly into my skin with the addition of tea tree oil.

    Now, on to burn treatment. Several times, I've burned myself after I discovered tea tree oil. The first was a burn under a fingernail. I immediately applied tea tree oil and it quit the burning sensation, the redness left, and my fears of blistering under the fingernail proved unfounded. Within 20 minutes, all was relieved; I almost forgot I'd burned the area!

    I have one final tea tree story to relate before I close. I recently was prescribed an antibiotic for an abscessed tooth. I had already been experiencing some minor labial and vaginal itching and discharge and after three days of antibiotic treatment, this had increased. I feared another bout of yeast infection, which I almost always get when on antibiotic treatment. Then I remembered the Tea Tree Oil. I applied it both externally and internally (with a tampon) and within 24 hours all itching and irritation was gone! Thank Heaven, AGAIN, for tea tree oil! I wasn't forced to visit the doctor or buy the expensive over-the-counter remedies and endure a 3-7 day treatment regimen. Tea tree oil and 24 hours brought relief.
    --Kathi L. Petz
    Grand Rapids, MN
  • We were having trouble with wasps and bees making mud beehives on our property and I sprayed the nests with tea tree face wash and they disappeared. I hope the birds who eat them aren�t hurt. The larvae came out of the hives and died on the ground, and the bees died. I sprayed them in the evening when they couldn�t fly away and it did the trick. I used the same stuff on our cherry tree (watered down) and the bugs left it alone, I sprayed our large pine tree which overhangs our deck and the spiders found other homes. We�ll be cleaning out a house to move into; it�s loaded with spiders and now I can use a non-toxic-to-my-grandchildren remedy. I have been using this strictly in my bathroom for a while now and I water it down, and keep it in a spray bottle in the shower for our hair and bath sponges, no complaints yet. God Bless this plant!

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Blue Cypress Testimonials

  • I have been using Australian Blue Cypress Oil for the last year in conjunction with my skin care services. Specifically, I have used the oil with microdermabrasion treatments and acne extractions. I use a few drops of the pure oil in a soothing compress after these treatments and have found the inflammation and redness normally associated has been greatly reduced and in most cases eliminated. The smell is soothing and pleasing for both men and women. Most importantly, the results are consistent.
    --Maryanne Garvin, Licensed Esthetician

Kali Books Testimonials

  • I very much like the Essiac book and am happy to offer hope to those searching for the right path.
    --Lisa Douglas
  • I bought the book Australian Tea Tree Oil Guide, 3rd edition. My friend told me about Melaleuca and I took interest. I use it for my gums as an antiseptic and any other place that has a need.
    --Jeannette Fay Reeder
    Weeki Wachee, FL
  • I would just like to know that I just bought a copy of Don't Drink the Water (without reading this book) by Lono Kahuna Kupua A'o.. I went through this book and read it all last night, and it's enough to scare the you-know-what out of you. I want to let you know that it's the best book we've ever read. We were looking for books dealing with chlorinated water, city water, water wells, and all of that. This is the ultimate sourcebook on all of that. I just want to let you know that it's a fantastic book.
  • I have seen a few books put out by Kali Press and am very impressed. They are of great quality.
    --Amanda Goff
    Parker, CO
  • I�m writing to thank you for providing such wonderful products. I have used tea tree oil for years, and I was delighted by some of the treatment methods outlined in the Australian Tea Tree Oil Handbook. I�ve successfully healed several skin problems by following them. Also, my husband swears that your tea tree oil is of much higher quality than other brands that we�ve used before. Keep up the good work!
  • I just bought the first aid handbook and haven�t had a chance to read cover to cover, but at first glance really like what I see. I am excited to try using tea tree oil not only for myself, but also for my animal companions. I am ready to cleanse my house of chemicals as well!
    --Ginger Bross

Creme de la Femme Testimonials

  • "A vaginal lubricant that is far and away the most effective and appealing product that I"ve run across."
    Dr. Christiane Northrup
    Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom
  • "Cr�me de la Femme ia a mircle for patients with dryness! I recommend it to all who need it."
    Dr. Lynn Coates
  • "It is sensually superb and esthetically superior."
    Dr. R. Kieper
  • "Every women on estrogen replacement like it because they"re still left with less estrogen than they once had. so that extra moisture just feels wonderful."
    Dr. M. Pratt
  • "I recommend it and am very pleased with the response. I use it for patients with atrophic vaginitis, dysparunia and menopausal syndrome."
    Dr. J. Waisman
  • "In treating patients with endometriosis, I fully appreciate the need for a lubricant such as this"highly protective and comfortable."
    Dr. J.J. Marik
  • "Once women use it, they insist upon it and will take nothing else."
    Brent Air Pharmacy
  • "We"ve carried the product for many years with high customer appreciation. We recommend it and will continue to do so because it really works."
    Del Rey Pharmacy
  • "Even on days when I"m not planning to make love, I apply a bit after my shower, just to feel more comfortable, the way I used to."
  • "It's so silky smooth and never irritates in the least. I use it frequently and my husband heartily endorses it, too!"
  • "After the birth of my first child it certainly helped relieve dryness. My husband and I have not found anything else like it."

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