Blue Cypress Oil
Australian Blue Cypress Oil

Australian Blue Cypress Oil

The Australian Continent is filled with mysterious and beautiful examples of nature’s magnificent design at its best. Stories filled with mystique and ancient people have fascinated us for many decades. The Original people have not only survived their harsh outback-living elements but also for thousands of years have thrived by preparing numerous natural plant remedies and foods. Preparaton and use of essentail oil bearing plants is a major part of the aboriginal pharmacopoeia.

The indigenous inhabitants of Bathurst and Melville Islands, off the coast of the Northern Territory are the Tiwi people. They have used Northern Pine in various ways. What is known is that they used the bark of the tree as a medication for relief of diarrhea and post-natal bleeding. Bark and leaves helped to repel bugs, and the ashes were used for easing aches and pains.

The oil is now being steam distilled and sold to companies worldwide; the products range from sports to cosmetics and perfumery.

"Jurlique and myself are excited about this totally new product in the world market, which could have a similar significance as tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil one day."

Dr. Jurgen Klein
Founder Jurlique International

A situation was created which opened the way for development of an essentail oil industry based on a plantation resource of a unique Australian species. The results of this work have brought to the world’s essential oil market another unique Australian product, named Blue Cypress Oil because of the beautiful cobalt blue color.”

Bill McGilvray
Chairman, Australian Cypress Oil Pty., Ltd

“This beautiful tree gives such a valuable and lovely blue oil. Sales are helping us build roads that we need and also housing and other needs for our communities. This is a very valuable industry for us.”

Matthew Wonaeamirri
The Chairman of the Tiwi Land Council
Blue Cypress Oil

Blue Cypress Oil

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Kali's Australian Blue Cypress OilKali's Australian Blue Cypress OilAnother "wonder from down under"---used for centuries by the Australian Tiwi people to moisturize and hydrate their skin and a wide range of skin conditions. Selected as the essence for the Sydney Australia 2000 Summer Olympics.
Kali's Australian Blue Cypress Facial-Body MistKali's  Australian  Blue Cypress  Facial-Body MistBlue Cypress Facial/Body Mist is a proprietary combination of pure essentail oils, witch hazel and 100% Australian Blue Cypress oil. Refreshing and invigorating for all ages and skin types.