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Skin Care

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Kali's Australian Blue Cypress OilKali's Australian Blue Cypress OilAnother "wonder from down under"---used for centuries by the Australian Tiwi people to moisturize and hydrate their skin and a wide range of skin conditions. Selected as the essence for the Sydney Australia 2000 Summer Olympics.
Kali's Australian Blue Cypress Facial-Body MistKali's  Australian  Blue Cypress  Facial-Body MistBlue Cypress Facial/Body Mist is a proprietary combination of pure essentail oils, witch hazel and 100% Australian Blue Cypress oil. Refreshing and invigorating for all ages and skin types.
Botany Bay Exclusives Tea Tree Oil (1 oz)Botany Bay Exclusives Tea Tree Oil (1 oz)Contains Fine Grade Pharmaceutical Grade Tea Tree Oil. Also available in---2-4-8 oz bottles.
Counter AC contains Tea Tree OilCounter AC contains Tea Tree OilA one step acne and pimple treatment! The easy to use Dab-A-Matic bottle provides a fast and direct method of hygienic application to sites of infection and inflammation. Excellent for use on insect bites---soothes and relieves stinging from bite areas.
Kali's Tea Tee Oil (1/3 oz.)Kali's Tea Tee Oil (1/3 oz.)100% Fine Grade Pharmaceutical Tea Tree Oil. This bottle has a oriface reducer to reduce the flow of the oil. GREAT FOR TRAVEL, GYM BAGS, and PURSES!
Kali's Tea Tree Oil (1 oz)Kali's Tea Tree Oil (1 oz)Contains 100% Fine Grade Pharmaceutical Grade Tea Tree Oil. This bottle has a orifice reducer to reduce the flow of oil.
Tea Tree Herbal Soothing CreamTea Tree Herbal Soothing CreamA ONE OF A KIND PRODUCT! Incorporates a Collodial Silver solution with Tea Tree oil as the base for a rich, anti-microbial cream for skin irritations and infections.