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Infant & Mother Support

Little Bug Botanicals
Organic, natural products for babies and mamas

As parents ourselves, we believe families deserve the best and most natural care possible. Pregnant and lactating women, sensitive newborns and growing children have no need for animal by-products, harsh chemicals, or artificial dyes and fragrances.

Our strong belief in natural remedies and our commitment to the environment has inspired a remarkable line of personal and health care products for babies and their mamas.

We strive to help nature by using organically grown herbs and essential oils and eco-friendly, recyclable packaging. Little Bug Botanical's products contain:

*Organically-grown herbs
* Organic essential oils
* Natural vitamins and minerals
* No artificial dyes or fragrances
* No animal testing

New products coming soon. Check back often to see what's new.
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Body Wash/ShampooBody Wash/Shampoo60% SUPER SAVINGS!! Limited time only. Enriching Lavender & Chamomile combined with moisturizing natural Honey and Organic Aloe Vera that leaves babies delicate skin soft and supple & hair soft and smooth. NON IRRITATING to babies eyes.