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Blad-XBlad-XThe herbs in Blad-X have been used in China for more than two thoudand years, in one combination or another; Traditionally for bladder infections, kidney stones, turbid urine, and generally to tone the bladder.
Multi-ZymeMulti-ZymeMultizyme (new label is ULTRAZYME), is a concentrated source of multiple enzymes from specially cultivated plant sources. These enzymes help in the breaking down of food in the digestive tract for better assimilation of nutrients.
Kali's Essiac HerbalsKali's Essiac HerbalsKali's Essiac Herbals concentrated tincture is a convenient alternative to the brewed essiac tea given to Rene Caisse R.N., from Canada & used for a cancer remedy cure & cancer tonic. Contains Burdock root, Slippery elm,Turkey rhubarb, Sheep Sorrell & Watercress.
Life TonicLife TonicLife Tonic is an effective general tonic and immune system builder, which is a composite of the Rene Caisse, R.N., Dr. Harry Hoxey, and Dr. John Christopher tonics.
Grape Skin & Seed (GSA-400)Grape Skin & Seed (GSA-400)GSA-400 is an antioxidant containing accessory nutrient co-factors and phenolic compounds not found in pine bark products and other grape seed products. GSA-400 is the seed and the skin from red grapes. Grape skins contain resvertrol, a substance that can prevent blood clots from forming and raise the difficult-to-increase HDL cholesterol. The grapes in GSA-400 are free of herbicides and pesticides.
Panax Plus Garlic with Cilantro & BeetPanax Plus Garlic with Cilantro & BeetA synergistis formula containing 100% pure dried garlic that has not been chemically modified or cosmetically or mechanically deodorozied. Cilantro and Red Beet have been added to further enhance the garlic.