Essiac Herbals
KALI'S ESSIAC HERBALS or ESI-PLUS Not everyone has the time or energy to carefully brew Essiac tea. Kali presents Essiac Herbals, a concentrated form of the Essiac herbs. This product requires no refrigeration, has an indefinite shelf life, and is a convenient method for receiving the benefits of the Essiac formula.

Kali's Essiac Herbals is a formulation of Organic Sheep Sorrel, Wildcrafted Turkey Rhubarb, Organic Slippery Elm, Organic (when available) Burdock Root and Wildcrafted WaterCress in a 20% ethyl alcohol base.

Available in 2 oz amber glass dropper bottles, this herbal remedy has assisted many people in the treatment of cancer and other degenerative diseases. Essiac Herbals is in tincture form, extracted from herbs of the highest quality. Our chemist has worked with herbal-based formulations for many years and has also worked with knowledgeable professionals in the medicinal herb field, such as Dr. John R. Christopher. Tinctures are a very effective form of herbal medicine and when used appropriately, perform many healing functions in the body to treat a variety of chronic illnesses. Tinctures can also be used as a preventative health care measure.

Kali's Essiac Herbals tincture may be added to tea or filtered water. It is most effective when taken on an empty stomach. Shake well and add approximately 10-15 drops to your pure water, juice, or tea, and hold and swish in mouth for 60 seconds then swallow. Take Essiac Herbals 2-3 times per day, an hour before breakfast, and 2 hours after meals or just before bedtime. This 2 oz. bottle will make approximately 150 cups of tea. Shake well before using.

Also, it is best to take a good, comprehensive micro-organism product for the intestinal track. We suggest Commensal Bio Cultures probiotic cultures.

Any herbal remedies work best when a clean diet is observed. Eat fresh, whole foods when possible. Avoid processed foods, sugar and alcohol when possible.

It is wise to consult a health practitioner when there is a question about your health and safety.