Australian Tea Tree Oil Guide: First Aid Kit in a Bottle
Australian Tea Tree Oil Guide: First Aid Kit in a Bottle
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In contemporty times we suffer from diseases for which we can find no ready answers. As modern medicines become less effective against viral and chronic illinesses and immune deficiencies, we turn to ancient healing modalities: formost among these are herbs and plant essesences, know to man for centuries, forgotten in the post-war years of 'mircle' medicines.

We are searching not only for cures, but a more balanced and healthy life. The Australian Tea Tree Oil Guide contains up-to-date clinical research into tea tree oil's effectiveness against conditions ranging from acne to candidia.

This practical guide may persuade you to explore the medicinal use of herbs and plant essences, long known to our ancestors.

"This is an important book. It offers a concise and readable account of tea tree oil--one of nature's most versatile healing substances. this book is useful for consumers and the growing number of physicians and pharmacists becoming interested in matural medicine"

Mark Blumenthal
Founder & Executive Director American Botanical Council and Editor Herbal Gram