Birth of the Blue: Australian Blue Cypress Oil
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Birth of the Blue: Australian Blue Cypress Oil
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"Birth of the Blue" is the story of a recently discovered essential oil from Australia's Northern Territory.  The facinating story behind Blue Cypress Oil including details about its many uses.  This publication details the discovery and production of the oil which originates from the Northern Pine tree located in the Northern Terriory of Australia.  It also details all of the oil's uses, including aromatherpy and as a beauty product.  The Tiwi culture have been using this essential oil for generations in a variety of uses,  

The oil is from the Northern Cypress Pine, Callitris intratropica .

This book contains a complete history of the discovery, research and recent development of Blue Cypress Oil including new product development. This release contains illustrations, resources, maps, detailed testing and current standards.

88 pages--paperback