Kali's Australian Blue Cypress Oil
Soothing and Gentle to the Skin
Kali's Australian Blue Cypress Oil
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Blue Cypress Oil's amazing blue color and soothing woody scent are unparalled in the essential oil pharmacoepia.   A few drops of this exquisite oil produces an aromatic and woody scent reminiscent of the Australian outback region from which the oil originates.  Provides relief from sun-parched skin, cuts and burns, and has a varitety of aromatherpy uses.

Blue cypress oil, an extremely potent oil, is obtained from the heart wood of the native Australian species, Callitris intropica, or blue cypress.

Some of the skin conditions the Tiwi people have historically used Blue Cypress Oil are:
     *Ingrown hairs
     *Cold Sores
     *Acne and skin outbreaks

This beautiful, azure Blue Cypress Oil uses range from aromatherapy to personal care and bath products. Add a few drops to your favorite lotion or massage oil and experience the enchanting qualities of blue cypress. (We suggest a 1/2 to 1 ratio formula with your solon and bodycare products.)

Excellent to add to:
     *Shampoo & Conditioner
     *Exfoliators, salts, scrubs
     *Manicure & pedicure soaks
     *Shower gels, liquid soaps & bath oil
     *Deep conditioning hair & scalp treatments
     *Facials & masks
     *Moisturizer for body, hands & feet
     *Massage oil & penetrating (herbal) body wraps

Ingredients: 100% pure Australian Blue Cypress Oil with organic Jojoba oil.
(Kali's Blue Cypress Oil is blended with organic jojoba oil to reduce the potential for skin irritation for those with sensitivity.)