Tea Tree Oil (1 fl. oz.)
Tea Tree Oil (1 fl. oz.)
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The Tree Oil has been used for centuries by the aborigines living in bush country of Australia. They used this oil for healing skin alilments such as cuts, burns, insect bites, fungus infections and other ailments of the skin .

Outside Australia, it has been known for nearly a 100 years that Tea Tree Oil is a powerful antiseptic, bactericide and fungicide.

Tea Tree Oil has been studied to treat acne, burns, thrush (yeast), vaginal infections, candidia, fungal infections, cuts and minor wounds.

There are various grades of Tea Tree Oil. Pharmaceutical Grade is the only grade approved for human or animal use.

"For topical infections, try tea tree oil, obtained form an Austalian tree (Melaleuca alternafolia). Buy only 100% pure tea tree oil...it is a excellent disinfectant, useful for the home and when traveling."

Andrew Weil, M.D.
Spontaneous Healing

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