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Australian Tea Tree plantThe Australian Tea Tree plant, Melaleuca alternifolia is truly a wonder from "Down Under." The essential oil of this plant has been used widely as a topical remedy for skin irritations, conditions,cuts, and burns. Kali has been on the leading edge of Tea Tree research since the mid 1980's and presents two excellent books about Tea Tree Oil as well as what we consider the finest pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil on the market. Browse the links below to learn more about this amazing gift from nature.

Tea Tree Oil Information and Specifications

Tea Tree Oil
    Description Price
1.   Australian Tea Tree Oil First Aid Handbook: 101 Plus Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil
A convenient, travel size guide to 101 Uses for tea tree oil! This second edition has been expanded to include more comprehensive skin uses for tea tree oil from head-to-toe. ISBN 0-890941-02-6, 84 pages paperback
2.   Australian Tea Tree Oil Guide: First Aid Kit in a Bottle
Author/researcher Cynthia Olsen presents the most comprehensive book on Australian tea tree oil, known as the "first aid kit in a bottle". Follow the progress of this time honored remedy from plantation to store shelf. Includes chapters about tea tree oil for animals, testimonals, suggested uses, and clinical research. The 3rd Edition, Revised has been expanded to include photographs and an updated resource guide. ISBN 1-890941-01-8, 113 pages paperback
3.   Counter AC
A one step acne and pimple treatment! The easy to use Dab-A-Matic bottle provides a fast and direct method of hygienic application to sites of infection and inflammation. Excellent for use on insect bites---soothes and relieves stinging from bite areas.
4.   Feminine Care Douche
A liquid douche concentrate that can assist in the relief of minor vaginal irratations and problems. Feminine Care Hygiene Douche is effective, yet gentle on delicate tissues--cleansing and refreshing!
5.   Herbal Soothing Cream
A ONE OF A KIND PRODUCT! Incorporates a Collodial Silver solution with Tea Tree oil as the base for a rich, anti-microbial cream for skin irritations and infections. AN EXCELLENT AID TO HELP HEAL AND REMOVE THE BURNING HEAT OF SUNBURN!
Sale: $13.00
6.   Kali's Tea Tee Oil (1/3 oz.)
100% Fine Grade Pharmaceutical Tea Tree Oil. This bottle has a oriface reducer to reduce the flow of the oil. GREAT FOR TRAVEL, GYM BAGS, and PURSES!
7.   Kali's Tea Tree Oil (1 oz)
Contains 100% Fine Grade Pharmaceutical Grade Tea Tree Oil. This bottle has a orifice reducer to reduce the flow of oil.
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