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1.   Kali's Australian Blue Cypress Oil
Another "wonder from down under"---used for centuries by the Australian Tiwi people to moisturize and hydrate their skin and a wide range of skin conditions. Selected as the essence for the Sydney Australia 2000 Summer Olympics.
2.   Kali's Australian Blue Cypress Facial-Body Mist
Blue Cypress Facial/Body Mist is a proprietary combination of pure essentail oils, witch hazel and 100% Australian Blue Cypress oil. Refreshing and invigorating for all ages and skin types.
Sale: $10.95
3.   The Skin Cancer Breakthrough
Well over one million cases of the skin cancer are diagnosed yearly in the United States alone. Malignant melanoma by far the most dangerous and potentially lethal is increasing at an alarming rate. The Skin Cancer Breakthrough Program gives complementary strategies for the prevention and treatment. ISBN0-9724482-0-9, 163 pages paperback
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