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1.   Essiac: A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy
The history of Essiac, from the Chippewa Indians to Rene Cassie from Canada: her use as a cancer cure & tonic. Includes the formula of Burdock root, Slippery Elm, Turkey Rhubarb, Sheep Sorrell and testimonials. The new 2nd edition has been expanded to include case studies from Christopher Gussa, a clinical herbalist; plus an updated resource directory. This book was the winner of the Small Press Book Award in Health, Medicine, and Nutrition. ISBN 1-890941-00X- 129 pages paperback
2.   Australian Tea Tree Oil Guide: First Aid Kit in a Bottle
Author/researcher Cynthia Olsen presents the most comprehensive book on Australian tea tree oil, known as the "first aid kit in a bottle". Follow the progress of this time honored remedy from plantation to store shelf. Includes chapters about tea tree oil for animals, testimonals, suggested uses, and clinical research. The 3rd Edition, Revised has been expanded to include photographs and an updated resource guide. ISBN 1-890941-01-8, 113 pages paperback
3.   Australian Tea Tree Oil First Aid Handbook: 101 Plus Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil
A convenient, travel size guide to 101 Uses for tea tree oil! This second edition has been expanded to include more comprehensive skin uses for tea tree oil from head-to-toe. ISBN 0-890941-02-6, 84 pages paperback
4.   Birth of the Blue: Australian Blue Cypress Oil
Birth of the Blue is the story of a recently discovered essential oil from Australia’s Northern Territory. This oil was selected as the "Essence of the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics". ISBN 1-890941-04-2, 88 pages paperback
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5.   Don't Drink the Water (without reading this book)
This illustrated guide explores the current state of America's drinking water and regulations governing our public water.The 2nd edition has been expanded to include more charts, government regulations and an updated resource directory. ISBN 0-962882-9-X 98 pages paperback
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