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Immune System Support
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1.   Essiac: A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy
The history of Essiac, from the Chippewa Indians to Rene Cassie from Canada: her use as a cancer cure & tonic. Includes the formula of Burdock root, Slippery Elm, Turkey Rhubarb, Sheep Sorrell and testimonials. The new 2nd edition has been expanded to include case studies from Christopher Gussa, a clinical herbalist; plus an updated resource directory. This book was the winner of the Small Press Book Award in Health, Medicine, and Nutrition. ISBN 1-890941-00X- 129 pages paperback
2.   Kali's Essiac Herbals
Kali's Essiac Herbals concentrated tincture is a convenient alternative to the brewed essiac tea given to Rene Caisse R.N., from Canada & used for a cancer remedy cure & cancer tonic. Contains Burdock root, Slippery elm,Turkey rhubarb, Sheep Sorrell & Watercress.
3.   Echinacea angustifolia (Formula I)
Formula I is Echinacea angustifolia that can be purchased individually or with Formula II. The echinacea is in tincture form and can be taken sublingually in a little water or juice.
4.   Commensal Bio-Cultures (capsules)
GOOD HEALTH STARTS IN THE INTESTIONAL TRACT! Commensal contains the combination of cultures that promote a strong and healthy body.
5.   Grape Skin & Seed (GSA-400)
GSA-400 is an antioxidant containing accessory nutrient co-factors and phenolic compounds not found in pine bark products and other grape seed products. GSA-400 is the seed and the skin from red grapes. Grape skins contain resvertrol, a substance that can prevent blood clots from forming and raise the difficult-to-increase HDL cholesterol. The grapes in GSA-400 are free of herbicides and pesticides.
6.   Life Tonic
Life Tonic is an effective general tonic and immune system builder, which is a composite of the Rene Caisse, R.N., Dr. Harry Hoxey, and Dr. John Christopher tonics.
7.   Panax Plus Garlic with Cilantro & Beet
A synergistis formula containing 100% pure dried garlic that has not been chemically modified or cosmetically or mechanically deodorozied. Cilantro and Red Beet have been added to further enhance the garlic.
8.   Wild Parsley (Leptotaenia Dissecta)
Since Leptotaenia dissecta (Lomatium dissectum) seems to have anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial activity, some holistic M.D.s and Natural remedies practitioners, Chiropractors are using this herb in their protocols in treating VIRAL conditions, especially seasonal allergies, colds, flu, and Epstein-Barr.
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