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Cardiovascular Support
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1.   BP
Research from China led to this Chinese herbal formula, employing ancient Chinese medicine and herbs for high blood pressure-containing magnesium chelate, scutellaria & other herbs. This natural remedy product is a Chinese herbal supplement used as an herbal medicine/home remedy way to support lower blood pressure.
2.   Grape Skin & Seed (GSA-400)
GSA-400 is an antioxidant containing accessory nutrient co-factors and phenolic compounds not found in pine bark products and other grape seed products. GSA-400 is the seed and the skin from red grapes. Grape skins contain resvertrol, a substance that can prevent blood clots from forming and raise the difficult-to-increase HDL cholesterol. The grapes in GSA-400 are free of herbicides and pesticides.
3.   Panax Plus Garlic with Cilantro & Beet
A synergistis formula containing 100% pure dried garlic that has not been chemically modified or cosmetically or mechanically deodorozied. Cilantro and Red Beet have been added to further enhance the garlic.
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